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Gold PVC Electrical Corrugated Pipes


CHAMPION Gold corrugated pipes, a product developed to match the various needs. It has excellent flexibility, high ring stiffness and crush resistance, low bending radius, non-rusting, chemical and corrosion resistant, easy handling & long lasting. FRLS quality can be made. Slitted/non-slitted corrugated pipes are also available for the wiring harness.


  • Open and concealed wiring for domestic &residential buildings, office complexes, industries, auditoriums, shopping malls etc.
  • In the domestic and medium-duty industry.In washing machines as inlet & outlet pipes.
  • Vacuum cleaners as air ducting pipes.
  • In water coolers, desert coolers, air conditioners &sanitary applications as wash basin pipe Air Condition engineering: used in window and split air conditioning, water circulation & drainage purposes.
  • General purposes, anti-corrosive and ornateapplications.
  • Used in Automobile industries, PP wash, and also made in flame-retired

Available sizes are 10 mm to 50 mm

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