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PVC Braided Hose Pipes


PVC Braided Hose Pipes CHAMPION PVC braided pipes are produced using meticulously selected yarn, braided and fused between the inner and outer layers thus offering better resistance to withstand higher working pressures without the problem of bursting. A unique feature is its transparency which allows one to observe its internal functioning. It is resistant to several chemicals, alkalis, light acids, and oils. It can withstand all climatic conditions thus proving a better choice than conventional rubber pipes. A wide range of PVC braided pipes are available for use in various fields.
Air/Pneumatic Pipes are ideal for Compressed air application and conveying chemicals and gases.
Rock Drilling Pipes are used in marble, granite mining and tractor Mounted Compressors.
Car Wash Pipes can be used in service station with a working pressure of 30/40 kg/cm2,they are oilresistant and abrasion resistant.
Super Spray Pipes are ideal for spraying pesticides, insecticides and weeding pesticides etc.
Welding Pipes are ideal for oxy-acetylene welding purposes and cutting equipments in all types of industrial workshops, Ship building, Service station etc.
PVC Garden/Water Pipes are suitable for all water delivery purposes like gardening, construction and irrigation

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