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PVC Suction Hose Pipes


CHAMPION Flex PVC suction pipes are a challenge to the best of productsin the industry. It has a rigid PVC spiral reinforcement between soft walls which makes it an ideal replacement to rubber pipes. It is light in weight and extremely flexible.

It can be put to task even at the most demanding curves & bends with absolutely no loss of flexibility. Smooth inside and outside, it has excellent resistance to pressure, external impacts, most of the chemicals, gases, light acids and saline water.

  • Suction pipes are available in a wide range such as medium duty pipes (Green), heavy duty pipeson Pipes has revolutionized the food industry as they can be safely used for conveying food products like milk, beverages, powdered cereals etc, which otherwise is easily perishable
  • (Grey), oil pipes (Blue) and a special food non-toxic pipes (Transparent)
  • Non-toxic PVC Suction
  • Medium Duty suction hose
  • Recommended maximum temperature is up to 60o C
  • Heavy Duty hose pipes are also available (Grey color)

 Available Sizes are 20 mm to 10 mm


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