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HDPE Pipes


Champion HDPE Pipes are extremely useful in Used for Water Supply, Bore Well, Sprinkler, Lift Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Pesticide Dispersal, Cable Ducting, Sewage/Drainage, Natural & other gases etc, in urban and rural areas. Thesy are also useful - for conveyance & flow applications in Chemical/Processing Industries, Telecommunications, Vegetables Oils, Fruit Juices, Dairies and other liquids & semi-liquids including Acids, Alkalis & other corrosive chemicals.


Easy Joining :

HDPE could be joined both mechanically by Flange joint or Butt Welding method at site with HDPE Couplers/Sockets.

Pressure Rating :

HDPE pipes are available in a range of pressure ratings from PN 2.5-4-6-8 10-12.5 and 16 (PN stands for Kgf/cm2).



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