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UPVC Rigid Pipes


CHAMPION UPVC Rigid Pipes are the backbone of the Indian Agricultural sector. Manufactured under strict Quality Control standards, these pipes are sturdy and durable. Used in irrigation and water supply systems, their performance is critical since agricultural practices are directly linked to the livelihood of farmers. They are corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant,and involve a low maintenance cost. Manufactured in light grey color in 6 m length, with additional socket length (sizes 63 mm to 200 mm with pressure rating of 2.5, 4, and 6 Kgf/cm2. These pipes conform to IS 4985:2000.


•Good visual appearance           
•Light in weight
•Easy Installation
•Low maintenance cost
•Smooth bore
•Drinking water supply
•Drip/Lift irrigation
•Telecommunication cable ducting
•Rain water harvesting
•Tube-well casing
•Industrial ducting
•Sewage and drainage systems
•Transportation of chemicals



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